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with over twenty years experience as Vancouver concrete contractors.

We are experts in concrete job interpretation, design and implementation. We make concrete projects sound, functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Vancouver Concrete Construction is one of Vancouver largest Excavation, Foundation, Drilling, Concrete Superstructure, and Site-work contractors. We are one of very few contractors in our area that can break ground on a project and take it through concrete topping out. We have a long history of providing many varied services to both public and private clients in the Vancouver metropolitan area, please check out our services link for more information. As both a Vancouver General Contractor and Subcontractor, we drive projects to completion with quality, budget and progress as our primary goals. We strive to develop long term relationships with clients and help them plan and value engineer future projects in the conceptual phase. We are confident that our team of experienced staff members would complement your team and help lead future projects to a successful completion.

Vancouver Concrete contractor. understands the dynamic Vancouver market, the community of available, competent contractors and vendors, and the current costs of construction within this market. We are up to date with the labor and material supply within the area and can be of valuable assistance to our clients in many respects including constructability review, budget analysis, value engineering, as well as construction management. We are fully bonded and insured enabling us to work on any public or private project valued up to over $50,000,000.

We’ve successfully completed many large foundation and concrete projects of various types in Vancouver, as well as the outer boroughs in all soil types and conditions. We proudly self-perform nearly all our work and own our own equipment including large drill rigs and cranes which enables us to be one of very few Vancouver area contractors that can break ground on a project and take it through concrete topping out.


Vancouver concrete design and construction services are delivered by professionals with the expertise to help you build a high performing structure with the utmost value. We actively hire concrete design professionals and successfully distill more than 20 years of experience designing and constructing virtually every kind of structure imaginable into providing preconstruction services that consistently save our clients millions of dollars each year.

Our project team is here to assist you with the following preconstruction services:


Vancouver Concrete supports our unmatched pre-construction services with a field team that has the experience to build projects on time and within budget.

Vancouver concrete construction services include paring out scope based on what our clients would prefer to self-perform, providing the complete concrete form-work package or managing the total complete Division 3 concrete frame.

With our experienced personnel and our proactive approach many of the problems common in the construction process are avoided before they have a chance to materialize.

Some of the many reasons Vancouver Concrete succeeds in the field: