Building Relationships That Last

“Very professional and courteous. They built us a beautiful sundeck. They gave us our timeline and they started and finished on time. They respected our environment and left no mess. We are more than satisfied with their handiwork. Our new deck is nicer than we expected, we absolutely love it! I highly recommend DK Conquest to my family and friends.”

Debbie Francis

2 Months ago

“Well, look no further!! DK Conquest was amazing. They listened to what we needed, and they provided. We are extremely pleased with the finished product. The fact that communication was constant was an important aspect to us. They were easy to work with, and we feel honest. We feel that the job was done like they’d like in their own home. For the little things that needed addressing, they were addressed and taken care of. We have other things we are looking at having done to our home in a long-term plan. And we will be having DK do the work!”

Bobbi Taylor

Kitchen Renovation


We contacted DK conquest for an estimate while waiting for another contractor to call us back, it was the best decision.
The Cash Rating:
The appraisal price was fair compared to the other estimate we received. The office manager was easy to deal with. I was slow to confirm and needed to pick a new tile, the process was made as painless as possible and the estimate was upheld fairly in spite of my slow confirmation.
The bathroom rating:
Looks great. Trim, everything looks professional. There was an issue with some existing plumbing but even that was repaired at the end of the day that they committed to finishing.
To recap:
Estimate was very close to being actual paid amount.
• Service from all involved was efficient and friendly.
• All repairs(including the unplanned one) were completed on schedule.
• The installer was friendly and professional. He also covered the carpets in all areas he passed with a disposable drop sheet.

Zack Flegel

Bathroom Repair and Tile Install


“The team worked organized and clean. The result is impressive and we are looking forward to work with them again. We got a lot of support for our construction from the management and his team. The team of DK Conquest Construction Inc. is highly skilled and we will recommend them to our contacts.”

Mathias W.

Floor Tiling


“We hired DK construction to build our working ensuite in the showroom at The Ensuite, Emco. They did a superb job under a tight budget. I would definitely recommend them to customers. Amanda/Eric/Dennis are very friendly and easy to deal with.

Simon Chen

Showroom Reno


“We have worked closely with DK Conquest over the last 5 years. Reputable contractor. Reliable and quality work. We recommend DK Conquest.”

Stapleton Electric

2 weeks ago

“When our shower leaked into our playroom downstairs we knew we were in for a tough, and rather unexpected, renovation. Right from the start, DK Conquest Construction was top notch. Amanda was quick to get back to us and calmed our nerves. Faster than expected we had people in checking the situation, even the big boss DK, dropped by to make sure we were happy. Amanda was excellent about giving us updates on all aspects of the renos. Not only did they fix our shower, better than we could have expected, they made sure the ceiling in the playroom was properly fixed and painted. We were thrilled with the excellent service we received and would highly recommend DK Conquest Construction for any work needed.”

Anne Shaw

Shower Renovations

3 months ago

“Very reliable and professional service. Their staff are very timely and punctual. Would recommend to anyone!”

Dave Edmunds

3 weeks ago

DK Conquest Construction undertook my fairly complete condo renovation, which ended up being nearly 3 months of solid work. Dennis, the owner, and I conferred on a daily basis about what was being done, what I had to do by a certain date, like choosing materials, or if there were any glitches with incoming supplies or with his team. I think that my project went so well because I was actively involved and because Dennis is highly responsible and great at communication. No reno is complete without some kind of hitch; in my case a few broken tiles and mirrors, and a delay with the kitchen cabinets. I am pretty fussy, but thank goodness Dennis was able to rectify everything in a very timely manner. We had some issues with the quality of the paint at the end but again, that was completed to my satisfaction. The custom shelving his team built for the closets, the bathroom and the pantry are amazing! The floors were completed very quickly with excellent sound proofing. Dennis is calm and professional at all times This was my third and largest reno to date, and I am now enjoying living in a space that is perfect for me. Thank you DK Conquest!


7 months ago

Professional and efficient from Dennis to the ladies in the office. Couldn’t ask for more. DK really takes the time to meet all their clients needs.

Crystal Stapleton

4 months ago

We discovered water damage in an exterior wall in early December, 2016. DK Conquest was able to examine the damage, suggest a solution, provide an estimate and start work within days of us contacting them. Despite unusually bad weather, they rebuilt, insulated and boarded the wall before Christmas. Up to this point, communications by both the workers and office staff was excellent. However, the work was left unfinished with no indication of when it would restart after Christmas. After I called to inquire, work resumed in the new year and was finished well and quickly. Cleanliness inside during the work was a bit of an issue. Floors were only protected after I asked them to be and dust wasn’t controlled as well as it could have been, but I take some responsibility for not making this an issue. Clean-up after the job was excellent. Overall I was very happy with the work the guys from DK did. I would definitely hire them again.

Garry Forwood

Repair External Walls Damaged by Water Incursion


DK did a great job of our kitchen renovation. We enjoy it every day.

Margo Hanzek

New Kitchen


Dennis’s company works well with the homeowner and his staff are very courteous and diligent with their work.

Michael Kwan

Basement Leak Repair and New Flooring


I’ll admit, I’m not a fan of general contractors. My past experience has been one of arrogance and poor communication. However, my experience with Dennis was not even remotely the same. The job was done in a timely manner and I feel I got the quality that I paid for. Things were a little over-budget, but much of that was our own fault, not that of DK. And communicating with Dennis and his crew was always prompt, courteous and professional. I would gladly hire DK Construction for another large job.

Steven Pawluk

Kitchen Renovation


I hired DK Conquest Construction based on online reviews.
I hired them to fully gut and rebuild a bathroom in a one-bathroom condo, and was thus under stress about a timetable for the project.
They not only did it in the time I had allotted, they did an amazing job with the materials and didn’t go a penny over budget. They also communicated things well during the project.
Kudos! I would use this crew again in a heartbeat and highly recommend them.

Boaz Joseph

Bathroom Reno


From the initial estimate to completion of the project took three days and the professionalism of the carpenters was evident. I am completely satisfied with the end result.

Donald Willis

Redo Hot Tub Platform


I had my master bathroom renovation done recently with all the materials bought by myself and order cabinet and counter top on my own and use DK conquest as removing and total installation of the bathroom was great experience. Our bathroom was installed by Eric and his team mates Jessie, Norbert and a few others who did a great job. Initial time line was 2 weeks but because of 2 or 3 project the company had at the same time we have to share the labour and also on my part that our counter top person on holliday and we went for holiday too so our project finish a week after the holiday. Other wise it could have been finished in 3 weeks. Denniis stays on budget except for the things that I ask for extra and Jhoanna coordinate the project wonderfully.
We will be using the company again when time comes to do our basement bathroom, entrance and laundry room renovation in coming years.

Khin Muang

Master Bathroom Renovation


Thank you to DK conquest for their amazing job! I would recommend the team of DK Conquest for renovations to your home big or small. Dennis who is the owner of the company was so great. He was sincere and very helpful. Eric the carpenter was absolutely amazing, going above and beyond his duties and Derrick the electrician was also very helpful and he would make very useful recommendations. These guys were so polite and if we had any issues at all (which were very rare) Dennis would make sure that things were done exactly the way we wanted them. They would even help out with extras like putting up blinds and setting up the television. The overall experience was fantastic. Sometimes when we are looking for work to be done on our homes we tend to seek out the ones that cost less. DK conquest is the place to go for quality work at a reasonable cost. Our family felt as if Dennis was more of a friend than a contractor. He is very personable. We also had our floors done upstairs and the team moved all of our furniture for us! You will never find a team of contractors that will do that. This company is great! Highly recommended.

Patricia Willis

Complete Basement Renovation


We hired DK to expand our laundry room and create a mud room. This involved moving a wall into the neighboring bedroom, re-framing a new wall/closet, electrical for new pot lights, tiling, and paint. Overall the project went very well. We were in constant communication with the crew and I appreciated being able to contact them via text messages throughout the day. They worked very clean and made sure construction dust did not get into the rest of the house. The project took a little longer than expected, but we are very happy with the finished result.

Mike Low

Laundry/mud Room Extension


Conquest was very professional. They provided good estimates, scheduled work keeping our availability in mind and finished the work in budget and on time. Their work was reasonably priced. They had excellent communication. I would hire them again if needed and recommend them. Both Dennis and Jhoanna were very professional and courteous.

Jai Parihar

Bathroom Repair, Painting, Hardwood Floor Repair Options and Other Handy Man Work


Bathroom was in disrepair with toilet not working, tiles falling off, cracked floor, etc. We had a family of four coming to visit us for 3 weeks and desperately needed to get this done. Due to procrastination on my part, we were tight on time. DK Conquest finished the job two days ahead of time including overtime at no extra charge. Workmanship was excellent, workers were friendly and careful not to do any damage to our unit nor the building. Initially DK gave us a list of several suppliers to enable us to choose our fixtures, plumbing, tiles etc. We will be using them to reno our second bathroom in the near future. Note: DK was not the least expensive but they were competitive and “You get what you pay for”.

Peter Metzner

Renovation of 30 Year Old Bathroom


Dennis and his team worked hard at completing my project in a timely manner. Thanks

Imran Kamrudin

Painting and General Repairs


I hired DK Conquest Construction because I read the reviews and one person’s comment caught me: “Dennis will not rip you off.” Based on that comment alone, I made up my mind to work with Dennis. It looked like a simple bathroom reno, but I feel this job was one of those Murphy’s Law renos from hell for Dennis. But even so, Dennis remained professional and always polite. He just failed to warn me about the counter top coming with a protective wax coating, and I accused him of not getting the one we had chosen. So don’t panic folks — Dennis knows just how to peel off the protective coating and make the job right! I have posted before and after pics that speak to the great job Dennis (and his workers) did. As far as my 3 star “Failed to stay on Budget” rating, that was only because I was stuck on a certain budget, and fortunately I listened to Dennis talk me into changing out the bathroom sink AND putting in a new ceiling AND recessed LED lighting AND shower doors AND the quartz countertop AND new cabinet. Sorry to penalize you Dennis for talking me into all those very necessary changes that made this bathroom “zing”. Very happy with the outcome and your patient nature.

Joanne Gordon

Bathroom Reno with Zing Appeal


We are very pleased with the outcome of the renovations. The end result was an enormous improvement to our kitchen and bathroom.
Dennis and his crew were professional and helpful. The budget was on time and on budget.
Initially we were rather apprehensive. With all the horror studies around about uncompleted and sloppy jobs, we were worried.
However, after an initial meeting we were convinced that Dennis would be the right person to help us.
Dennis was with us from the beginning right to the end. He was able to point us to the right appliance warehouse, the counter top place, the tile outlet and the bathroom fixture shop.
We will no doubt go back to Dennis for all our future renovation needs and will not hesitate in recommending him to our friends and neighbours.

Lileng Chia

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation


Dennis was amazing to work with on our bathroom renovation. His crew took out the old floor and tub and tiles and built a surround shower that is amazingly beautiful. Dennis was around often to make certain everything was just so. Very pleased. I highly recommend DK Conquest Construction for your project.

Lloyd Kennedy

Bathroom Remodel


Dennis & his crew arrived on time, did great work, & tidied up on leaving our home. It was a pleasure dealing with all of them.

Gail Gardiner

Baseboards for Living & Dining Room, Hallway & Entrance


Dennis and his crew did a great job on our bathroom reno project. Dennis and his crew are accessible and reliable. They are also dedicated to quality. Any concerns were fixed quickly. (Dennis is a good guy — he won’t screw you over). We are very happy with the work and would definitely use DK Conquest for future reno projects.


Bathroom Floor and Shower Retile


Dennis and his crew did a great job on our 2 bathroom ceilings. The communication was proactive and helpful, the work was done well and cleaned up after each session.

Paul Gobes

Bathroom Ceiling Drywall


They where very professional and quick with a value on my budget. When it came to a few things i requested they did not hesitate on completing them. i would highly recommend DK Conquest construction to anyone who is looking to get great value for the work they do and for a great price.

Jamie Ward

Office Exterior and Interior Renovation


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