Vancouver Foundation Bolting

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Foundation Bolting, otherwise known as “Earthquake Retrofitting” is the process of affixing a building to its concrete foundation using foundation plates and anchor bolts. As British Columbia is geographically predisposed to earthquakes, a solid foundation can determine the structural integrity of a building when earthquake damage is incurred. For this reason, the decision to retrofit one’s home can prevent the displacement of the house from its foundation and thus prevent major structural damage during an earthquake. In addition, since many homes in the Vancouver and surrounding  areas were built several decades ago, your home may need to be retrofitted due to the advances in earthquake preparedness that did not exist when the initial construction too place. Dk Conquest® Construction provides expert foundation bolting services that include total foundation repair, replacement, drainage and repairing cracked walls/floors.

Customized planning, placement and installation of foundation bolts are essential to maintain the structural integrity of your home in earthquake prone terrain. The team of retrofitting experts at Dk Conquest® Construction will work with you to select the type of bolt corresponding to the existing structure of the home and its foundation to ensure that your property is protected from the devastation that can occur from earthquake damage.


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